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Are you looking to have your resume placed directly in recruiter and head hunters hands but don't know how to find them? Allow us to do the work for you. We have access to an exclusive network with 40,000 recruiters. We will send your resume, on your behalf, and your professionally written recruiter e-note (email) to specific recruiters based on your chosen targeted industry, career focus, and salary range.


***This service is only offered to clients who have a professionally written resume by The Recruiting Guru Inc. 

***This service is most beneficial when you are 100% open to relocation or multiple areas of the country. The more locations you are open to, the more recruiters we can pair you with.

***If you are interested in receiving an excel spreadsheet with the recruiters contact information that your resume has been sent to, you will be invoiced an additional 75.00 fee.

Sr. Level Professional: Resume Distribution

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