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Bottom line: How do I nail the interview?

So, with a strong economy and an unemployment rate at 3.9 percent—a job search should be easy, right?


Yes, it’s a job seeker’s market, but you have to be prepared if you want to capitalize! How do you distinguish yourself among other candidates and nail your next interview?

This is a question I am guaranteed to be asked at least twice daily!

People want to know how to make their interviews and interactions with both recruiters and hiring managers memorable. A good recruiter, like myself (SHAMELESS PLUG) is people oriented! Good recruiters are passionate about matchmaking people with their dream careers! Trust me, the WIIFM (Whats in it for me) for a recruiter is a happy hiring manager and a happy candidate that stays in the position he/she was recruited for. There is no huge benefit for us if you take a job and jump shift in 6 months! That just means more work in filling another position, regaining trust from a hiring manager, and depending on the recruiter, possibly losing money on hiring you! So trust me when I say, we can read a candidate and easily determine if we are listening to a sales pitch or someone who is truly passionate about what they aspire to do.

So how can I show someone that I am really passionate about my next career move?

Great question! So let's be real. No one has time to waste! If the recruiter or hiring manager working on your position of interest felt that you did not have the skills, ability, or experience needed for the job, you would not be invited onsite for a conversation!

Now that you don't have that to stress about, it’s pretty simple; stay true to yourself! Be authentic! Do what makes you happy!

An organization that truly drives an inclusive environment will appreciate that and encourage you to be successful being you!

You would not believe how many hiring managers come back to me following interviews unsure if they really could get a feel for the candidates personality. They wonder if he/she could be a culture fit!

Believe me or not, it is visible when you are portraying a character to get a job. We can tell when you are a 'desperate job seeker': Willing to take any role to get by until you find what you really want to do. Hiring people is not cheap! A good recruiter knows this and wants to make sure they get the best candidate that will stay in the position for the long while. A hiring manager wants to make sure that outside of your experience, your personality is a good cultural fit for both the team the position will work with and the organization.

Yet, so many people find it a challenge to be an authentic version of themselves when they interview for a job...

Why? Because society has taught people to portray a certain image (something like an uptight stiff proper speaking robot in a black or navy suit professional who dare not to make a grammatical error during conversation) during an interview vs. encouraging them to show their personality and to bring their energy into the interview room!

Early in my HR career, I learned that if you truly love what you do, you will never work another day in your life! My first HR role was in the sports and entertainment business. We worked hard, but we all knew how to have fun because everyone was passionate about what they contributed to our organization! We loved that our organization strove to provide exceptional service and entertainment to its clients and we were excited to work together and contribute our talents to execute each event! Today, I love what I do because I am able to build relationships with candidates, clients, and business partners by being true to myself & passionate about what I believe in!

Be more authentic! It will distinguish you from other candidates!

Carla Harris (one of my favorite keynote speakers: Check her work out--> HERE) says “Authenticity is your competitive advantage!” and I couldn’t agree more! So make sure you are truly being your true self when you interview! Trust me, portraying a character in an interview to get the job will backfire in the long run. If you are offered an opportunity and you take it, and you are not comfortable being your true self, you will find yourself unhappy and unsatisfied with work. Which will in return lead you back to the job market quicker than you can finish reading this blog!

Choose today to break out of your shell and truly embrace who you are and what you are aspiring to accomplish! Trust me, you will notice a difference in your confidence and in the results of your interview!

Are you ready to display your authenticity and distinguish yourself among other exceptional candidates? If your answer is yes, consider subscribing to my blog for more helpful tips from "The Recruiting Guru!"

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Thank you Sheenataylor08! I appreciate you being a loyal reader and I am even happier that you were able to take something from this blog that can be helpful to you personally!


Awesome blog today Ashley! I was able to learn, take, and apply from this blog personally.🙂👍🏽

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